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Ryan & Erica Hamlet – Dylman Gardens

The spirit of small business lies in the ability to be seen and heard. We started our business 10 plus years ago and used only our own hand drawn logos and visuals. This created hurdles we didn’t know were in front of us.

We live in the days of social media and exposure galore and not being seen can kill a business before it is off the ground. Lucky for us, HandKRFTD Design Co. became a working partner in our ability to find new eyes for our business to look as professional as possible.

HandKRFTD Design Co. is an enthusiastic company that handled all our questions and concerns when it came time to redo our logo. If it wasn’t for this company, we would still look like a basement operation. Thanks to the great customer support we’ve gained new customers and entered into the world of professionalism. Thanks, HandKRFTD Design Co.